GROUP '16- Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Supporting Group Work

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Keynote Symposium on Systems Work

SESSION: Session: Describing Interactions

Machine Learning and Grounded Theory Method: Convergence, Divergence, and Combination

Beyond the Individual: The Dynamic Features of Distributed Affect

Chess as a Conversation: Artefact-Based Communication in Online Competitive Board Games

Habits of the Heart(rate): Social Interpretation of Biosignals in Two Interaction Contexts

SESSION: Session: Editing Systems

Near Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Shared Editing on Extensible Data Types

High Responsiveness for Group Editing CRDTs

Operational Transformation for Real-time Synchronization of Shared Workspace in Cloud Storage

SESSION: Session: Socio-Technical Design

Designing for Inclusion: Supporting Gender Diversity in Independent Innovation Teams

Curating an Infinite Basement: Understanding How People Manage Collections of Sentimental Artifacts

Help Me Help You: Shared Reflection for Personal Data

SESSION: Session: Social Networks in Industry

Raising your Eminence inside the Enterprise Social Network

Exploring Trust and Cooperation Development with Agent-Based Simulation in A Pseudo Scale-free Network

Influences of Peers, Friends, and Managers on Employee Engagement

SESSION: Session: Local Communities

Lifecycles of Computer Clubs: Rhythms and Patterns of Collaboration and Learning in an Intercultural Setting

Popup Networks: Creating Decentralized Social Media on Top of Commodity Wireless Routers

SESSION: Session: Volunteering

Improvising Harmony: Opportunities for Technologies to Support Crowd Orchestration

"Guess what! You're the First to See this Event": Increasing Contribution to Online Production Communities

Motivating Invisible Contributions: Framing Volunteer Classification Design in a Fanfiction Repository

SESSION: Session: Adoption, Appropriation, Domestication

Barriers to Using, Customizing, and Printing 3D Designs on Thingiverse

Building Mood, Building Community: Usage Patterns of an Interactive Art Installation

"Hey, I know what this is!": Cultural Affinities and Early Stage Appropriation of the Emerging Bitcoin Technology

"It is Not Because You Have Tools that You Must use Them": The Difficult Domestication of a Telemedicine Toolkit to Manage Emergencies in Nursing Homes

SESSION: Session: Mobile Computing Practices

Caring About Sharing: Couples' Practices in Single User Device Access

The Impact of Spatial Properties on Collaboration: An Exploratory Study in the Automotive Domain

Communication, Coordination and Awareness around Continuous Location Sharing

SESSION: Session: Supporting Real-Time Interaction

Handheld Augmented Reality for Distributed Collaborative Crime Scene Investigation

The Emergence of High-Speed Interaction and Coordination in a (Formerly) Turn-based Groupware Game

SocialStreamViewer: Guiding the Viewer Experience of Multiple Streams of an Event

SESSION: Session: Work Settings

Formalization and Accountability in Surgery Planning

Exploring Computer-Supported Professional Development for Novice Museum and Zoo Professionals

Demo or Die: Narrative Construction as Articulation Work for Promoting Early Stage Digital Innovations

On Being Actionable: Mythologies of Business Intelligence and Disconnects in Drill Downs

SESSION: Session: Design Fictions

The IKEA Catalogue: Design Fiction in Academic and Industrial Collaborations

The Co-ordinates of Design Fiction: Extrapolation, Irony, Ambiguity and Magic

Incorporation of Generational Learning in Familiar Interfaces and Systems: A Design Fiction

Reading Elinor Ostrom In Silicon Valley: Exploring Institutional Diversity on the Internet

SESSION: Session: Social Media

Characterizations of Online Harassment: Comparing Policies Across Social Media Platforms

The Strength of Awkward Ties: Online Interactions between High School Students and Adults

The Coaches Said...What?: Analysis of Online Dating Strategies Recommended by Dating Coaches

Designing an Application for Social Media Needs in Emergency Public Information Work

SESSION: Posters and Demo

Challenges of CI Initiatives in a Political Unstable Situation - Case Study of a Computer Club in a Refugee Camp

Privacy and Weight Loss Apps: A First Look at How Women with Eating Disorders Use Social Features

Understanding User Reviews of Adolescent Mobile Safety Apps: A Thematic Analysis

Autonomy Support for Elderly People through Everyday Life Gadgets

Tracky Notes: Trackable Sticky Notes for Indexing a Video of Meetings

Towards Card-based User Interfaces Workspaces for Group Mission Planning

Analysis of Human Nodding Behavior during Group Work for Designing Nodding Robots

Novel Web-based Remote Collaboration System Architecture for Wider Use Cases

Fostering Organizational Change through Co-Designing Collaborative Media

Shaing Code Among Academic Researchers: Lessons Learned

Learning Outcomes From a Student-generated

SESSION: Workshop

Engaging with Users and Stakeholders: The Emotional and the Personal

Exploring Ethics and Obligations for Studying Digital Communities

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Social Media for Sensitive Disclosures and Social Support: The Case of Miscarriage

The Role of Social Media in Participatory Democracy: A Case Study of Facebook Groups

Designing Social Memory Artifacts in a Smart Home

Digital Traces of Online Self-Organizing and Problem Solving in Disaster

Media and Information Literacy Competences in the Workplace: Collaborative Practices and Workers' Empowerment

Engaging Newcomers in Hybrid Communities

Taking a More Balanced Approach to Adolescent Mobile Safety

Enhancing Visibility of Distance Learners To Promote Sense Of Community

Towards Re-Orienting the Big Data Rhetoric

Seeing Work: Constructing Visions of Work in and through Data

Understanding and Supporting Document-based Knowledge Transfer with Moderator-Learner Interaction

Enhancing Evaluation of Potential Romantic Partners Online