EICS '16- Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

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SESSION: Keynotes

Can computers design interaction?

Language engineering: challenges, opportunities and potential disasters for interactive systems

SESSION: Model-driven development

Rule-enhanced task models for increased expressiveness and compactness

Adding custom widgets to model-driven GUI generation

Customizable dynamic user interface distribution

SESSION: Ubiquitous computing

Bluewave: enabling opportunistic context sharing via bluetooth device names

ProxemicUI: object-oriented middleware and event model for proxemics-aware applications on large displays

GestureSeg: developing a gesture segmentation system using gesture execution phase labeling by crowd workers

FusionKit: a generic toolkit for skeleton, marker and rigid-body tracking

SESSION: Process and frameworks

DocTr: a unifying framework for tracking physical documents and organisational structures

A case-based assessment of the FLUIDE framework for specifying emergency response user interfaces

Engineering mixed-criticality interactive applications

Experiences from developing networked public display applications on 3rd party infrastructures

SESSION: Evaluation and testing I

Using formal models to cross check an implementation

Systematic automation of scenario-based testing of user interfaces

Statistical analysis and improvement of the repeatability and reproducibility of an evaluation method for IMUs on a smartphone

Using testing techniques to classify user interface designs

SESSION: Informed design and prototyping

Faceted search on coordinated tablets and tabletop: a comparison

PANDA: prototyping using annotation and decision analysis

A design pattern for multimodal and multidevice user interfaces

SESSION: Modelling and analysis

Measuring interaction design before building the system: a model-based approach

Modelling information resources and their salience in medical device design

A language-based model for specifying and staging mixed-initiative dialogs

SESSION: Design spaces

SEPIA, a support for engineering persuasive interactive applications: properties and functions

A semi-formal framework for describing interaction design spaces

A design space for engineering graphical adaptive menus

Make it ISI: interactive systems integration tool

SESSION: Evaluation and testing II

Is a framework enough?: cross-device testing and debugging

Automatic detection of GUI design smells: the case of Blob listener

Using gherkin to extract tests and monitors for safer medical device interaction design

Users' preference share as a criterion for hierarchical menu optimization

SESSION: Post-WIMP interfaces

SyMPATHy: smart glass for monitoring and guiding stroke patients in a home-based context

CircleBuy: a visual search based second screen application of buying products in videos

Engineering automotive HMIs that are optimized for correct and fast perception


End-user development of cross-device user interfaces

Workshop on engineering human-computer interaction in recommender systems

Engineering interactive systems with SCXML